Job stuck booting

I’ve had a couple Windows jobs stuck in “Booting virtual machine” for a couple hours now.


Is this due to a known problem?

Ruby is not supported on Windows. It is not immediately clear to me why we are not rejecting this build request sooner, but I advise you to cancel this build.

I’m aware Ruby is not supported (that’s why we have custom install steps), but I was hoping that the machine booting would be :stuck_out_tongue:

I had already cancelled and restarted one of the two jobs before and it didn’t work, and just did again with the same luck.

It’s possible that language: minimal isn’t supported either.

Could you try with language: bash or language: shell ?


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That was the problem. Thanks!

Probably the job should error out if the language is not supported :slight_smile:

Thanks again anyway!

Glad to hear this worked.

Indeed, we’ll be following up internally to prevent this from happening with unsupported languages on Windows.

Thank you for your understanding!