Job stuck Booting or Waiting to be Queued (lxd / bionic)

This job has been stuck and timed out, then restarted several times. It always ends up stuck ‘Waiting to be Queued’, ‘Waiting to Start’ or ‘Booting’, but never beyond that.

This same job worked a month or two ago, but there is no error / no message as to why it fails - its just stuck.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you,


Eventually the only thing that shows up in the log is:
“Automatic restarts limited: Please try restarting this job later or contact”

Hey @eeverman,

Are you still having this issue?

@Montana Yes - It failed to start again after I clicked Restart yesterday.
Today I clicked Restart again just before sending this message.

Today I made another commit in the repo, so the build ran. . . and it worked!

Nothing has changed in the Travis config - Any idea why some builds will fail and fail to restart (persistently) and another build succeeds on the first try??