How can I _un_follow a particular project?

I am feel a little sheepish that I cannot figure this out but

  • I occassionally contributed to one project within one other org on GH
  • That project still builds every night on cron and shows up in my Travis builds
  • But I don’t really contribute there anymore …
  • And would rather not see the (frequently failing) build
    How do I set an “ignore” or “skip” toggle? Or is leaving the other org on GH my only choice?

Thanks for any pointers, Dirk

If you are seeing their builds in your Travis page, this means they must have added you to their Github organization. So

The e-mail notification setting is global at, not per project, so there isn’t a way to disable them just for a single project, I’m afraid.

You don’t need to be in a Github organization to submit pull requests, and if your contributions were so good that they let you in, there probably won’t be a problem getting in again in the future if you need to.

I was hoping there was one intermediate step as I hesitated leaving the org (I may work again with them).

Thanks for the reply though.


That’s how I see it too, let me ponder leaving to suppress the build notices.

Thanks in any event for clarifying that there is no other toggle (which I had looked for in vain).

Tschoe mit oe, Dirk