How email notification works for organisation repositories?

According to there shouldn’t be needed any special setup if I, as the author, want to receive notifications about failed/fixed builds. And it’s true, it works for my personal projects.

But it never works for organisation projects, at least surely it doesn’t work for this one: … this is the most recent example when the author didn’t get any notification but I can confirm it doesn’t work for me either. And we are even both owners with highest admin rights.

Is there a way how to verify whether the notifications are properly working? We have ruled out all plausible explanations like being it in spam box, having wrong email address etc.


Thank you for your response and collaboration on this issue.

We are currently unable to detect your GH token which is required to synchronize your repositories that are shared (collaborated). Could you please follow the steps below for the users(th-otto in this case) who have the same issue that you have described? FYI, you won’t need to perform this step again in the future.

Please reach us from if you still experiencing the same issue with your build notifications.


Thank you very much, mustafa. This really helped.