Free OSS Credits & Usage Calculation

I’m trying to understand how the usage calculation works. I have the free 10000 credits added to my plan and yesterday I could see that I ran 3 builds and each took just 25 seconds roughly to run. I then checked my credit usage and 30 credits are gone. How is this possible? I thought credit limit calculation is based on consumed minutes and not on consumed builds? Could you throw some clarity on this please?

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I think I understand how it works after readiing through this documentation -

10 credits for every started build minute! So in my case 3 started build minutes hence 30 credits wiped out!

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So, in case of Linux, “10 credits per started build minute”. But I found a interesting fact, perhaps, it might be only in Ruby project. Because I submitted OSS credit for ruby/ruby (the Ruby organization), and it was approved. I also asked the unlimited builds for non-amd64 to Travis support. See this ticket for detail.

Then when running Travis on junaruga/ruby repository (fork of ruby/ruby) today, I found non-amd64 archiectures did not consume credits.

Here is the result.

I consumed 200 credits by 3 builds.

Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence 1 job (amd64: 21 sec)
Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence 1 job (amd64: 16 sec)
Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence 4 jobs (amd64: 17 min 7 sec, arm64: 13 min 44 sec, arm64: 14 min 57 sec, s390x: 7 min 59 sec)

Job Id;Started at;Finished at;OS;Credits consumed;Minutes consumed;Repository;Owner;Sender

This part.

503450955; ... ; 0;8; ...
503450953; ... ; 0;14; ...
503450954; ... ; 0;15; ...

I asked Travis support for the thing I discovered. Summarizing the result,

  • arch: arm64, arch: ppc64le, arch: s390x have free unlimited builds for “all” the open source repositories.
  • arch: arm64-graviton2 is not free at the moment. The consumed credits looks same with arch: amd64.

I think that’s excellent.

The Travis support introduced the following page to me. - Billing Overview - Partner Queue Solution.