Exceeded user count - unable to build

We are currently unable to build any project associated with our org/account.

We are unable to start your build at this time. You exceeded the number of users allowed for your plan. Please review your plan details and follow the steps to resolution.

To the best of my knowledge our current plan does not charge or track the number of users are in use - I do not think anything has changed on our account/plan on our end to have caused this, I emailed support but wanted to post here in case others are also seeing this/impacted.

There was a older post about this - it seemed like the solution was to get the right person’s attention at Travis, not any technical followup/change needed: Exceeded user count - unlimited?

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This issue must be resolved already, sorry about the trouble.

If you still see some issues related with your plan please reach us out from support@travis-ci.com

Having the same issue right after where my account shows 0 active users. How you flag any such error with an integer of zero is difficult for me to wrap my head around. I wish I could see how this script is written out, especially seeing as the error seems to indiscriminately occur to accounts on all plans.
Reading other reports, it sounds like the disruption will eventually resolve itself and stop blocking activity if you wait a while. The fact that it temporarily blocks out even the most premium plans offered seems like what the scientists call a “janky-ass web-service.” Who doesn’t like being arbitrarily boxed out of a service they pay to use due to a long standing glitch that the purveyors cannot or will not address? Where can I invest?

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happening to me too… It seems that this problem has been around for a long time.