Duplicate Travis CI build and one stuck pending

I was setting up my project to utilize Travis-CI and codecov but for some unknown reason when I pushed it, it creates two build tests, “Travis CI - Branch” from travis-ci.com and “continuous-integration/travis-ci/push” from travis-ci .org. The first actually build as expected but the latter is stalling at “Pending” and I would assume it is stuck like that as it seems to be an artifact of Travis CI’s migration.

My questions are as followed:

  • Is there a way to not have “continuous-integration/travis-ci/push” be running and be ignored?
  • Is there a reason why that is happening?
  • Is there a way for me prevent this issue in the first place?

Here is my repo for anyone to look into: https://github.com/EndyPremier/project-deliver-api

You should probably go to your integrations on Github and remove the travis-ci.org integration. The “.com” and the “.org” are two separate services and Travis seems to be encouraging people to move from .org to .com. There is plenty in official documentation about it.

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