Travis-CI stopped tracking/building a PR


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Travis-CI initially built that PR a few times, but then has stopped, there are no builds being created for it anymore: .travis.yml wasn’t edited in that PR, so it can’t be a parsing error. Any idea how to resolve this?

I have found this issue, but from the sound of it all of PRs should be affected, when we see this behavior with just a single PR, all other PRs are being built by Travis-CI just fine.

GitHub payload is missing a merge commit (mergeable_state: “unknown”, merged: false)

Probably caused by the conflict <…>? maybe you could try rebasing on master and force-push?

You likely have had a major change in master recently so all/most of the PRs now have a conflict against it.

Travis builds a “merge preview” commit provided by Github for PRs, so if it’s impossible to merge the PR, it’s impossible to build it.