Document supported pypy versions has a (supposedly) comprensive list of valid values for the python: field for normal Python.

There’s, however, no such list in : it only mentions pypy3.5. Distro-specific articles don’t have any comprehensive lists, either.

Experiments show that there are no validation checks in the build logic, it just blindly tries to fetch a tarball with the corresponding name from . Since that site doesn’t provide directory listings, there’s no way to get a list of available files – hence valid values for python:.

See Confusing PyPy versions for available versions.

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That’s not an authoritative list, so this feature request stays.

I found this:

It’d be great if the list was more discoverable though. Took me a bit of digging around to find this.

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@auscompgeek, great find!

Now, it’s possible to write a pull request against

I’m not sure, however, which would be more convenient maintenance-wise – document everything in or in environment articles. In the latter case, there would be duplication but in the former one, the explanation is going to be long and convoluted, hard to follow and change meaningfully (it’s kinda already is).

Also not sure if the link to travis-ci/travis-nightly-builder would be appropriate in the docs.

Document all Python versions available and how to use them. by native-api · Pull Request #2413 · travis-ci/docs-travis-ci-com

Yay, now lists them all!

(Posting here because I had to spend 10 minutes reading the diff in the unmerged PR linked in the reply tagged “Solution”, not understanding why it was tagged so.)