PyPy 2.7 on Xenial

I’ve noticed that none of these work in dist: xenial builds:

  - pypy
  - pypy2
  - pypy2.7

but the following does work:

  - pypy2.7-5.10.0

That doesn’t seem right? mentioned a similar problem on trusty, and it was a matter of making a copy of the archive somewhere (in the S3 bucket?).

(For completeness I should mention that pypy3.5 works, but pypy3 doesn’t. I assume pypy3.5-5.10.0 would also work, but I haven’t needed to reach for it.)

Also would be nice it the current PyPy v6.0 versions were available.

Hey all,

I’m checking internally to get some details on this, and see where we stand. :slight_smile:

PyPy2.7-6.0 and PyPy3.5-6.0 should both be available on Xenial.

At the moment, -6.0 is critical.

What does “is critical” mean in this context?

Experiments show that I can request pypy2.7-6.0 and pypy3.5-6.0.

I still cannot request pypy2.7 to get the latest available version, and while I can request pypy3.5, that doesn’t get me 6.0, it gets me 5.10.1.

(I’m using http head${version}.tar.bz2 to see what works and what doesn’t.)

Without -6.0, you won’t get the latest version.

Is there support for PyPy3.6 v7.1.1?

Yes. That works on xenial but not on bionic.

There’s no support for pypy in Bionic atm.

In Xenial, PyPy3.6 v7.1.1 is available as pypy3.6-7.1.1.

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