Python 3.9.0 build


Python 3.9.0 came out today so I restarted the job but it still gives a 404 and fails. My alias is set to 3.9

Can someone point out if I’m missing something obvious or help get it working?



AFAIU 3.9.0 final is not yet available on Travis CI, but you can use 3.9-dev.

I’m not entirely certain how Travis adds support for Python versions. From past discussions I seem to remember that pyenv has to support 3.9 first, which appears to already have happened, so now what I think we need is a PR for If I understood the project structure, I’d try to create one…

UPDATE: ok, it seems to me no PR is necessary, just someone from Travis (last time it was @BanzaiMan) has to trigger a manual build with VERSION=3.9.0.

3.9-dev is currently added for us, I know they’re won’t be much difference.

Thanks for the quick reply, hopefully we can get the build for 3.9 added soon.

Pyenv needs a release too?


PyEnv just released v1.2.21 (Changelog) which added support for python 3.9

What is the status here? Is there an open PR somewhere for us to review? Travis CI seems PSF, GithubActions, Homebrew, Pyenv all seem to be upgraded to support Py39 but Travis seems to be lagging…


I would also appreciate Python 3.9 being available for my builds :slight_smile:


Python 3.9 just got released last monday and Currently TravisCI 3.9 is getting a 404

Having the same issue, Python 3.9 was released on October 5th, 2020, but still trying 3.9 gives 404. Only 3.9-dev is available.

Link to the build:

As mentioned earlier, it looks like this requires someone to trigger a manual build with VERSION=3.9.0 in

Pinging @BanzaiMan for the needful. Thanks!


Tap, tap, tap… What is the roadblock on this?


Sorry for the delay.

They should become available for use in the near future (up to 24 hours or so).


Thank you!

The xenial-arm64 build failed at, does it need a restart?

Working for me on focal-graviton2, Thanks!

That’s a compilation error with numpy. I don’t think a restart will fix the problem.

Yeah, probably not, they’re (kind of appropriately) waiting for their CI provider to add support for Python 3.9 (due tomorrow) so they can release wheels.

Anyway, also confirmed 3.9 is now available for Xenial/Bionic/Focal, thanks again!

Oh, that’s a pickle. I suppose I could do a one-off build of a 3.9 archive on this arch without numpy, so that numpy team can run builds? Would that work? Do you have a URL for their issue tracker?

It’s okay, NumPy are waiting to do Windows wheels on Azure Pipelines, so we’re good here. Sorry for the confusion!

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This Catch-22 situation is exactly why Travis stopped bundling extra modules with nightly builds of Python. Any compilation problems, project maintainers should resolve there before the release.