Add PyPy 7.3.2 support

It’s a new triple release:

It releases stable pypy2.7 and pypy3.6 but also for the first time it adds pypy3.7 alpha! I’d like to be able to refer to it via pypy3.7.


They should be built automatically when adds them.

We don’t generally support pre-releases on Python.

@webknjaz If it’s alpha, you’re going to get better luck with the branch tip, pypy-dev. It’s currently broken in Pyenv though since the PyPy project has moved.

@BanzaiMan you can check out into cpython-builder's pyenv to get PyPy builds fixed.
You also need to drop the automatic pypy3-dev builds since PyPy has now only one development head, default (checked out by pypy-dev) and the py3k branch is stale and unusable, see