GitHub status not posted on commits on repositories using legacy Service integration

We are investigating the reports of GitHub commit status not being posted.

The issue only affects those repositories using the legacy Services integration (i.e., all .org repositories and some .com ones), and only under some circumstances. You can migrate your repositories to GitHub Apps on

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@BanzaiMan, I am observing this issue in a project using GitHub Apps and it started about 2 days ago:

Since I know very little how Travis integrates with Github, I cannot judge whether the problem is Github or how Travis updates Github.

Note: This project might have been using legacy services (I don’t know anymore), but was migrated from to 3 days ago.

[Update] Oops, I was not aware that the commit status API is deprecated:

This is quite strange.

shows me a failure.

as written in my post above: I used a deprecated API and this broke when migrating the job to

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the issue, then. The status is clearly posted on GitHub. That GitHub API doesn’t return that status seems a GitHub issue to me. Did I miss something?

@BanzaiMan, no issue on Travis side, but a misunderstanding on my side.

I observed issues with Github/Travis 2-3 days ago and migrated a job from to because I thought that might fix it. Thus, the repo moved to Github Apps. But now I could no longer see commit status updates via the Github API (because these are no longer updated by Travis). This behavior is explained in but I was not aware of it. I read the linked blog post after writing my post above.

So my migration created new problems that I had not anticipated and that looked similar as the problems we observed with Github/Travis in the last days. That was an unhappy coincidence.

I hope this is clear now. Sorry for the confusion.

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Hi @BanzaiMan, I think a repository I contribute to may still be affected by this issue. I’m not an owner, so cannot dig very deep. Could you confirm? Two PRs never seem to update their status from “Pending — The Travis CI build is in progress”:

Thanks much!

@BanzaiMan The two links I shared in my previous comment are now merged, so here are some new ones:

We have a few more details to share on this subject.

In the last couple of weeks, we have observed an increased number of failures to post statuses on GitHub. The sources of the increase itself remains unclear, but the repeated problems prompted us to clean up some wasteful requests. This helped a little, but not entirely; at the height of the user activities, we still saw some errors.

We reached out to GitHub, and was granted some additional (but temporary) capacity so that our services can continue. This was yesterday (April 2nd).

We are continuing to reduce waste, so that the issue is resolved for good.

It is worth repeating that the issue applies only to Legacy integration. GitHub Apps should not exhibit this issue; if you have evidence to show otherwise, please open a separate issue.

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@BanzaiMan do you have any notes / docs on migrating from legacy to github apps?