Authentication Error while pushing from travis CI

I am facing issues connecting to github with authentication and lock verification when pushing from travis.

[temporary (root-commit) b2f6ed0] [Auto] Update Install Packages (2019-08-10.05:55:52)
696 3 files changed, 9 insertions(+)
697 create mode 100644 .gitattributes
698 create mode 100644 pslab_0.1.0_amd64.deb
699 create mode 100644 pslab_0.1.0_amd64.snap
70005:55:52.847094 git.c:344               trace: built-in: git 'branch' '-D' 'install'
701Deleted branch install (was bc10d76).
70205:55:52.849041 git.c:344               trace: built-in: git 'branch' '-m' 'install'
70305:55:52.851146 git.c:344               trace: built-in: git 'push' 'origin' 'install' '--force' '--quiet'
70405:55:52.851447 run-command.c:626       trace: run_command: 'git-remote-https' 'origin' 'https://adityastic:[secure]'
70505:55:53.434353 run-command.c:626       trace: run_command: '.git/hooks/pre-push' 'origin' 'https://adityastic:[secure]'
70605:55:53.436437 git.c:576               trace: exec: 'git-lfs' 'pre-push' 'origin' 'https://adityastic:[secure]'
70705:55:53.436488 run-command.c:626       trace: run_command: 'git-lfs' 'pre-push' 'origin' 'https://adityastic:[secure]'
70805:55:53.440733 trace git-lfs: run_command: 'git' version
70905:55:53.443554 trace git-lfs: run_command: 'git' config -l
71005:55:53.446675 trace git-lfs: tq: running as batched queue, batch size of 100
71105:55:53.448224 trace git-lfs: HTTP: POST https://adityastic:[secure]
71205:55:53.652473 trace git-lfs: HTTP: 403
71305:55:53.652637 trace git-lfs: HTTP: {"documentation_url":"","message":"You must have push access to verify locks","request_id":"9B64:2CF6:182834:296C62:5D4E5C69"}
715ERROR: Authentication error: Authentication required: You must have push access to verify locks
716error: failed to push some refs to 'https://adityastic:[secure]'
718Script failed with status 1

Duplicate of

No need to cross-post, splitting the discussion doesn’t make it easier for anyone.

@native-api cool, it was different. No worries take a look at the original

I apologize if I misunderstood it but it looks like the same issue. If it’s not, please clarify how it’s different.