Cannot authenticate on GitHub with --pro flag

this is the output when I try to login through the cli

<~>-1-> travis login --pro --debug
** Loading "---/config.yml"
** GET "config"
**   took 0.38 seconds
We need your GitHub login to identify you.
This information will not be sent to Travis CI, only to
The password will not be displayed.

Try running with --github-token or --auto if you don't want to enter your password anyway.

Username: ---
Password for ---: 
** GitHub API: POST /authorizations
Two-factor authentication code for ---: ---
\** GitHub API: POST /authorizations
**   took 1.1 seconds
** GitHub API: GET /user?per_page=100
**   took 0.42 seconds
** POST "auth/github" {:github_token=>"---"}
**   took 0.4 seconds
** GET "users/"
**   took 0.1 seconds
--- has not granted Travis CI the required permissions, please log in via
** GitHub API: DELETE /authorizations/---
**   took 0.53 seconds

afterwords, I get an email from github saying that a personal access token was created, but when I check github but I don’t see a new token

Can you try running the command without ~/.travis/config.yml?

You get the email about a new token because we create one (the second POST /authorizations ). You won’t see it on GitHub afterwards because we have already deleted ( DELETE /authorizations/NNNNNN ) it by the time you get to it.

In the mean time, could you try syncing your user data at Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence.