API Error when trying to travis enable a github repo

When I try to flick this repo - https://github.com/shlomif/rinutils/ - in this page - https://travis-ci.org/account/repositories - I get a github API error, but all API permissions are granted:

An error happened when we tried to alter settings on GitHub. It may be caused by API restrictions, please review and add your authorized Orgs.

It seems that the case I got the same error when I tried to enable repo after I participated in additional GitHub organization.

I resolved the problem by revoking access once in GitHub and logged in again in Travis CI.
Existing Travis CI settings were being preserved.


Update: I can flick the repo now, so the symptoms of the issue are gone for me. Thanks!

I am also getting this error message. I am not a GitHub organization but I do participate in an external GitHub organization.

Resolved by applying smori1983’s fix.

Works for me without revoking. Just logging out and than logging in on Travis required.


But in the next few days I need to relogging again, no matter whether I’ve revoked or relogged