Builds are no longer triggered after migrating organization from Travis org: "could not authorize build request"

After migrating GitHub - civetweb/civetweb: Embedded C/C++ web server from to .com, builds are no longer triggered.

It was already rather difficult to find out how to migrate a repository belonging to a GitHub organization, but finally I managed to see it in “My Repositories”. However, there is no “Current build” and if I push something to GitHub nothing happens. This used to work before on Travis org. Maybe something is missing in the documentation how to migrate authentication for organizations?
“civetweb” is a GitHub organization with the “civetweb” repository.
I am the owner of this GitHub organization.
The code is MIT licensed open source, the GitHub organization “civetweb” is not a legal organization but the name is mainly used to have “civetweb/civetweb” as memorable URL (instead of developername/civetweb).

In “More options → Requests” I can see the old successfull build requests from Travix org
For the new, manually triggered builds I can see only “Could not authorize build request for civetweb/civetweb.”

In “More Options → Trigger build” I can try to trigger the build, but I get the error message
“Oh no! You tried to trigger a build for civetweb/civetweb but the request was rejected.”

In the civetweb organization settings for “Third-party access”
I can see “Travis CI for Open Source” and “Travis CI” (and others) as “Approved”

In the civetweb organuzation settings for “Installed GitHub Apps”

I can see “Travis CI” as installed GitHub Apps

In my personal github account settings

I can see “Travis CI” as installed

I can see “Travis CI” as authorized GitHub App

I can see “Travis CI”, “Travis CI Community Forum” and “Travis CI for Open Source” as Authorized OAuth Apps

The build used to work on the .org site, I can see Travis CI as an allowed GitHub app and I found no further hint in the documentation - so, I have no idea what is missing and why there is no access.
Any advice?

@native-api : Thank you. Indeed it works after I selected the free plan for both, my personal account and the organization GitHub account.
It only works if I keep “Consume paid credits for OSS” checked for my open source (MIT licensed) component.

At the cost of 2310 credits per build I can only have four builds in the free plan.
Currently the OSS only credit section states: 0 available credits (next replenish date: August 30, 2021). Maybe some builds can be reduced, but I think I won’t get far with the 10000 “paid” credits in the “free” plan. But this might be a different issue.

Just for completeness: After emailing the Travis support, I got some additional credits for OSS.
Now everything seems to work fine.

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How long did the OSS credits last and what flaming hoops did you have to jump through to get them, and most importantly, do they get replenished regularly?