Connection to github failure

I already activated Travis CI builds on some of my GitHub repositories, but I face an issue since a few days; I can’t activate Travis on new repositories, and I can’t deactivate Travis on existing repositories.

The error:
I revoked Travis permissions in GitHub and created new ones (, I also synced my account again, but I still face the same issue.

Sorry, but why are you talking about Jenkins?

Damned, sorry, I meant Travis CI, not Jenkins CI :-p
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Check and

I did it already (
I’m using .org (free account for free&opensource projects), not .com (business) Travis website.

When did you try it the last time? I don’t see any activity corresponding to toggle of jonathanlermitage/IconViewer. (It is also entirely possible that the app is exploding for some reason and it’s not logging anything.)

I tried several times today and yesterday.

I also tried this way, a few seconds ago: (the “Activate repository” button at

I should have tried it first, Firefox console indicates returns a 500 error :
@type”: “error”,
“error_type”: “server_error”,
“error_message”: “no GitHub token for user”

I am authenticated on GitHub and, but I’ll try to delete my cookies and local storage.

That’s it: I deleted all GitHub and Travis cookies, authenticated again, and it works fine now.

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Thanks, delete cookies works for me also.