Any plans for armhf and i386 architectures (needed for snaps)

The Travis CI support for building snaps is nice. What is currently missing is the i386 and armhf architectures. If they were provided, then all architectures covered by the snapcraft build service would also be covered by Travis CI.

This is important in my case as the maintainer of the CMake snap. If I can get the CMake snap to cover the full range of architectures, it snap could potentially be used by many other projects in their own builds. That would greatly help some projects which want to use recent CMake releases but are stuck with earlier packaged versions that are updated infrequently.

At the moment, the snapcraft build service lacks the configurability and flexibility of the Travis CI support, but the Travis CI support lacks these two architectures. Having them available would mean I wouldn’t need to consider a switch to the less flexible snapcraft build service. Any chance of getting direct support for armhf and i386 architectures?

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Seems even the existing non-amd64 architectures aren’t quite ready for prime time when building snaps. Either no lxc or no multipass or both (at least, that was where I hit errors I wasn’t able to diagnose or overcome). I’ve taken a different path and have a script that uses the new snapcraft remote-build to build all the six different architectures via launchpad. Seems to work well and should cover my needs for producing release packages. I still intend to keep the nightly builds of master for amd64 on Travis though, since its scheduled builds with automated deployment to the edge channel works well and is relatively reliable.