Arm64 missing dependencies which exist for AMD

Reposting at the appropriate location, my apologies.

So I really REALLY love this multiarch thingy.

For some reason requested otp version is available for intel but not for

Since I have some docker setup I think I get this working anyways, but still i would have been beautiful if you brainiacs sorted it out.

Also for reference, the following multi arch is still relevant (where I tried to sneak in arm32 aswell), which @junaruga asked me to bring up here (some time ago) Erlang/OTP 21.1.4 is missing but only for arm 64

Btw, next on my wishlist would be arm32. :heart:

Choose a version that we’ve compiled the run time for.

Filter by Ubuntu Release and CPU.

We may back fill missing ones, but this may take time.

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Now i have the golden link. Many thanks.

Any chance well se arm32 in close future?