How to deploy project with multiple architectures? How well does ARM32 work?

I’m just finished with adding Travis CI to the VDR4Arch project to make Travis CI build our Arch Linux packages:

As a next step it may really be interesting to also build for ARM 32 (I hope a 32 bit chroot will work on your ARM64 setups).

Could this actually work? How well does building for ARM64 work?

And if I try this: How would I deploy my packages? Can I disable parallel building so the two machines don’t delete each others packages? Or would I have to make each instance deploy to their own GIT repo?

ARM32 is not supported out of the box. See the following to build stuff for it:

Github Pages deployment is done by pushing to the repo and branch you specified (see for the logic). So what multiple pushes will result in will depend on how Github handles such a case.

AFAICS Github Pages hosts everything on the branch tip as-is. So multiple parallel deployments should be okay as long as there aren’t any conflicting changes.