Add a filtered feed of favorite projects on top in the sidebar

@g1eny0ung has requested subj in An option to hide the organization's repositories which I owned?.

The use case is:

  • He’s a member of an organization and only works on a few of its many projects.
  • He wants to be able to quickly find his projects (not sure if a full list of them, or the last few builds for them).

I believe this can be done by having the sidebar reflect the structure of the dashboard: first the starred projects, then a delimiter, then others.

The details are unclear though (because the use case is unclear). The sidebar’s purpose is to be a live feed of the 5 last built projects, not an exhaustive list of them.

For example: Should it be still 5 projects in total, or (up to) 5 starred ones, then (up to) 5 others? What if they have fewer/more than 5 starred?

I think it can still keep last 5 built projects in the left sidebar and give the user an option to let him pin the projects he is currently focusing on on the top.

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