An option to quickly find the projects I work on among all of the organization's projects?

The same as I am an organization member but lots of repositories I don’t work on. Many more builds were pushed on the front. I need to find my build again and again. :cry:

The last reply was found in 2015. What is the latest progress?

Or add an option to pin a repo to the top? I think this can also solve this.

Thx for u reply.

I believe you can get the projects you are interested in on top in the Dashboard by starring them.

Oh, thanks! This can be solved my problem! But I still want to be able to pin some builds on the left sidebar. This will be more convenient.

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I’ve created a feature request at Add a filtered feed of favorite projects on top in the sidebar.

Your use case is unclear though. Could you check out that post (it specifies what is unclear) and clarify what exactly you want to be able to see?