UX improvement on build page: scroll to the header after selecting another build


Steps to reproduce my confusion:

  1. I see my build building, with the 4 containers.
  2. I scroll down to “My Repositories” list.
  3. I see a newer build is occurring for this repo/pr.
  4. I click the higher build number.
  5. The page updates to show the newer build.
  6. I don’t notice that it’s updated because I’m still looking at the repos list.
  7. I scroll up to see it has updated.

My suggestion is that we auto scroll up to new build when I click on the new build number. That way I am not confused about if the newer build link did anything when I clicked it.

Oh, I finally see what you mean. Your window must be narrower than 1028. Otherwise, the repositories panel is at the side and there’s no need to scroll.

(Can’t upvote your suggestion unfortunately because I’m at my limit.)