Windows build - Cpack hangs

Hello everybody and Travis devs,

I have created this post because I’ve continue to experiment with the early access on Windows build. I have a job on Travis which check the creation of some packagings and installers for the company I am working for.

This job with the problem run the commands cpack . to generate an installer with NSIS, but seems to hang. For some reasons, that I ignore, Chocolatey is called even if no reference to it is present in our project. Here is a screenshot of the issue :

This command works well on our local computers.

Hope this will help you to see what the problem is.

Thanks in advance for your attention and your answer,
Xavier Jouvenot

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This is a silly chocolatey-induced problem:

In short: chocolatey ships with its own “cpack” which has absolutely nothing to do with CMake’s cpack. i find it terrible of them to not respect the names of commonly used utilities and just to have picked a different name to begin with.
I haven’t figured out how to call the real CMake cpack on Travis.

For me this is a reason to not use Chocolatey at all.