Using multiple languages

I have a project that uses ruby, python and node in the build/test process. How do I set this up in Travis?

Hi! Thanks so much for asking this - it’s a pretty common question, tbh. And, it’s got an interesting answer… so, we do image selection based on the language: whatever tag, which means that there can be only language per build. However! there are only a few build images, which means different ones have different tooling installed. Here’s a link to the docs which lays out which image has what.

Re: this specific project, my instinct is that you’d want a language: python build, then you can probably use the tooling for ruby and node which will be installed already. YMMV with that, so if it doesn’t work, definitely give a shout for help with your specific setup. I’ll also set us a reminder to evaluate our support for polyglot stacks. Thanks for raising it!

My pleasure of course. I’ll give the python stack a spin – I do have it working with the implicit pick (which in my case turns out to be Ruby), but I did have to fudge something in the python code to get it to work, so I’ll give this a try.