Specifying Python version on build that uses multiple languages

I have a precise build that uses both Java and Python, where it’s set up so that creating 2 separate builds, 1 python and 1 java wouldn’t work for me. In my yml file, when I specify the java version that I want to use, it downloads the correct version. However, this results in me not being able to also specify the python version I want to use, the build just uses the default python 2.7.3. Does anyone know how I could proceed to update python to 2.7.11? I know that 2.7.11 is available in the archives on precise builds, but I’m not sure how to access it.

Do you mind letting me see the matrix portion of your .yml file?

Hi, I actually figured it out by using curl to access the archives file that contained the 2.7.11 file and then installing that.

Note that this is going to stop working ifwhen Travis changes their storage location and/or schema.

A more sustainable solution would be to install the extra version from source with pyenv and cache the result.

In any case, as you’ve correctly guessed, you need to install any language software yourself whenever language: is not it and it’s not preinstalled.