Unexpected Segmentation fault for python project


For the past few days, our tests stopped working with Segmentation Fault. We are running out ideas to fix it, after clear all of the caches, and attempt to lock down module versions that are recently updated during the time tests that are failing.

Some of our failed log: https://travis-ci.org/bentoml/BentoML/jobs/626478737?utm_medium=notification&utm_source=github_status

Any ideas what might cause this?

Thanks for helping!


From the logs, the segementation fault error pops up after what it seems successful installations of all of the test modules right around pytest --cov=...

e[0K$ pytest --cov=bentoml
/home/travis/.travis/functions: line 109:  4575 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) pytest --cov=bentoml```

Do you have Python C extensions? It’s “easy” so to say to cause segmentation faults if the lifetime is not managed well.

Otherwise, can you reproduce this locally? Then run gdb on the core, and see what the backtrace is.

Hi @iustin We don’t have python c extensions. I also couldn’t reproduce it locally.

You can try following commands to see what’s happening.

$ sudo apt-get -yq install strace
$ strace -f pytest --cov=bentoml