Tox/Python gives me a SEGFAULT

I have Python that, when I test with tox locally, passes all tests, however on Travis it gives me a SEGFAULT.

tests/ ERROR: InvocationError for command 
The command "tox" exited with 1.


Usually if you’re getting a SEGFAULT, just with the little snippet of code you gave me, the error is hiding in the hardcoded path here, in other words in plain sight. I’m assuming if you ran tox with the proper conditionals, you’d get something like this:

EXTERNALTABLES ="char[]", path.join(path.expanduser("~"), ".21CMMC").encode())
global_params.external_table_path = EXTERNALTABLES

Since this is a SEGFAULT, this leads me to believe on which how Travis is designed, the environment doesn’t have the path ~/.21CMMC actually defined, so please do that – and get back to me.