`travis login` - Login with Bitbucket account

I am trying to encrypt a file using travis command line: travis encrypt-file ./my-file .

When I run this, Travis asks me to login. I use this command for doing so: travis login --pro . However, Travis throws in the console Bad credentials .

Is it possible at this moment to login with travis client to a bitbucket account? If not, is there a wokaround to encrypt a file having a travis account associated to a bitbucket one?

@Cris21395 I have the same issue. I’m logged in to https://travis-ci.com/ with my bitbucket account.

I have the same issue, I want to deploy without exposing my secret key.

Looking at travis encrypt-file --help, it’s possible to authenticate with your Travis API token instead of a 3rd-party-service login with a -t <token> option to travis encrypt-file.
You may need to specify the repo slug explicitly (see --help output for the option).

You can look up your API token at https://developer.travis-ci.com/explore/#explorer or at https://travis-ci.com/account/preferences .

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