Travis CLI, Encrypting with “travis encrypt” returns — resource not found ({“file”:“not found”})

I have installed Travis CLI on my machine. Also I successfully logged in travis from cli with command travis login --github-token {tokenHere} --com . Github is connected with travis

I get timeout::error: execution expired

any ideas, @montana?

It would be extremely important to understand what sequence of commands that was ran to lead to this situation. Seems like there’s a HighLine::String object dump, so it must be some sort of user input, but what that user input is, would be impossible to guess.

So my thinking is, try the following since you’re using the Travis CLI, once you run login, use your credentials, and try again.

rm ~/.travis/config.yml
travis login

Could you try specifying -r OWNER/REPO then? ( --debug might also give additional information?) You also need to be on the lookout for repo duplicates, meaning the names are duplicates.

Montana Mendy
Travis CI Staff

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you are a magician @montana, rm, then using login from cli worked!

Great to hear!

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