Travis is using the wrong Ruby version




I triggered a job via the API using a branch that I had previously deleted and pushed again. The previous version of the branch was using ruby 2.3.7, the current version of the branch is using 2.4.1. The only explanation I can come up with for why Travis might have ignored my new version of .travis.yml to use the old Ruby version from the previous commit on this branch is because it’s caching Ruby version by branch name?

In the job’s view config pane, the version is the same as what I have in my .travis.yml file for the listed commit:

I thought it might just be a web UI bug, but the work did indeed load the wrong Ruby. From the job log:
$ rvm use 2.3.7 --install --binary --fuzzy


Could you point to the build log URL? Thanks.



“config” in the view config displays the content of .travis.yml. In the case of API builds such as this, this information could be at odds with what was executed.


Yeah, you’re right. I still have the old version in my postman: "rvm": "2.3.7", Sorry about that :slightly_frowning_face: I wouldn’t have to be using the API if there were any work being done on this issue: branches missing from trigger build modal