.ruby-version being ignored in some builds

Our project specifies a required Ruby version of 2.5.1 in a .ruby-version file in the project root. This file is used by Gemfile as follows:

ruby File.read(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '.ruby-version')).chomp

Up until now, Travis has been correctly detecting the .ruby-version file and using the correct version of Ruby in our builds (e.g. https://travis-ci.org/alces-software/alces-flight-center/builds/445766965 which shows a call to rvm use on line 442).

For some reason, builds have started to fail because Travis is using Ruby 2.4.1 instead - for example https://travis-ci.org/alces-software/alces-flight-center/builds/449414530 which is missing any rvm call.

Has something changed?

There was a problematic deployment that caused this, which has since been reverted. Restarting the failing jobs should fix them.

Great to know - all seems to be well again. Thanks!