New issue with .travis.yml not detected?

My builds have started failing mysteriously today :

The message in trace is " $ rake => rake aborted!"

Strangely enough, there is nothing in the “config” tab :

The repo has not changed recently, but it depends on other components that have been updated, hence the rebuild. Why would it stop seeing it’s .travis file is a mystery to me.

Thanks a lot.



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It seems like this problem has re-emerged. However, rebuilding does not correct it:

Thanks for any assistance.

This feels like a different issue. Would you open a new topic? Sorry for the troubles.

Actually, I think I found a cause… What is this top-level secure doing?

This seems to be throwing off one of our components to give up on configuring this job and default to Ruby. Our code should be more robust and try harder, of course, but I believe you can fix your immediate issue by removing this line.

Thanks for the quick reply, we had to remove that key, plus make a couple other changes.

Just in case anyone else is helped by it, this is the PR with the updates: