Travis/Github Integration Broken

Just earlier today, all my pushes to branches to my active repos on github would automatically trigger a build. Now, I try pushing to my branch, and it won’t make a build. I even tried a manual one and got an error of “could not parse”.

Looking at my account settings, it seems that my github apps integration broke. I went ahead and clicked on “Activate” and Github shows it’s still authorized. So I revoked the authorization, clicked “Activate” again, and regave Travis-CI the authorization. And even after that, it still shows the green “Activate” button indicating that Travis-CI is not connected to Github.

What happened?

I’m facing similar issues.

I have a public repo where the hooks was still working to trigger build, but the app integration reporting the results stopped working.

Like for the previous Travis migration I revoked/removed everything in GitHub and now I can’t add Travis app back!

Received super fast support from Travis which these steps fixed: