Travis fails to find my Project.toml in Julia 1.6

here’s my package with its Project.toml:

all is well with the Travis build when


  • 1.3
    but if I change it to Julia 1.6, then Travis doesn’t find my Project.toml. it errors out with:
Activating environment at `~/.julia/environments/v1.6/Project.toml`
ERROR: trying to test unnamed project

which happens when I using Pkg; Pkg.activate(); Pkg.test() locally too.
what’s so different about using Julia 1.6 on Travis? how can I change it to accept testing on 1.6?

(2nd in Google on “julia “trying to test unnamed project””: )

I saw that, but my Project.toml has a name:

it builds just fine on Julia 1.3, but not with Julia 1.6 tho.

I suggest you to ask at a Julia forum then. Maybe some requirements have changed, or a different invocation is needed.