After an update the building does not work anymore `@ararslan` `@staticfloat` `@StefanKarpinski`

After an update of my unregistered Julia package MatrixPencils.jl, the build with Travis fails with the error code 1 (see also the extended message here):

"Executing the default test script

$ export JL_PKG=MatrixPencils

Package name determined from repository url to be MatrixPencils

2.25s$ julia --color=yes -e “if VERSION < v"0.7.0-DEV.5183”; Pkg.clone(pwd());"${JL_PKG}"); else using Pkg; if VERSION >= v"1.1.0-rc1";; else; end; end"

ERROR: The command “julia --color=yes -e “if VERSION < v"0.7.0-DEV.5183”; Pkg.clone(pwd());”${JL_PKG}"); else using Pkg; if VERSION >= v"1.1.0-rc1";; else; end; end"" failed and exited with 1 during .

Your build has been stopped."

I would appreciate any hint how to further proceed.

The error message is at the bottom of the log, due to Stderr output is shown after the build log rather than inline :

Could not parse project C:\Users\travis\build\andreasvarga\MatrixPencils.jl\Project.toml: CompositeException(Any[Pkg.TOML.ParserError(434, 435, "expected ], but found P")])

Thanks, now it works.