Julia builds do not seem to be configured correctly according to the Travis documentation



When I recently opened a PR on the DataFrames.jl repo, I included a Project.toml file, as is the “new” way to manage dependencies, metadata, etc. for projects & packages. I have yet to see any Project.toml files in other public Julia works, and so asked about it in the PR. After all of my CI builds on Travis failed to run, I did some more digging, and am concerned that Travis builds for Julia are not configured according to their documentation, found here.

Rather than retype everything, please refer to this comment on the PR for the breakdown on what seems to be wrong.

Also, apologies if this post isn’t correct, I was just redirected to this new community page when I clicked to open an issue on Travis.

This text editor isn’t very rich, but hopefully these tags to the maintainers/developers work (I can only tag 2, for being a new user):

@ararslan @StefanKarpinski

Thanks for reading!


It looks like I may have tagged the wrong folks, apologies! Though of the four people the Travis logs recommend, only @simonbyrne seems to have a profile here…