Travis does not publish properly to BinTray

Hi all,

For the last week I have playing with Travis and I am happy with it so far. However Travis is publishing some jars into the version folder and the rest of jars in the top folder of the BinTray repository (as expected).

In my application ( I am creating an Eclipse update site under
PROJ/releng/update_proj/target/repository/. Inside the repository folder there are 4 jars.

  • features/a_feature.jar
  • plugins/a_plugin.jar
  • artifacts.jar
  • content.jar

In the descriptor file I am picking up all the jars from the repository and uploading it to a BinTray package.
“files”: [
“includePattern”: “releng/my.example.update/target/repository/(.*\.jar)”,
“uploadPattern”: “/$1”,
“matrixParams”: {
“override”: 1
The descriptor file is available at https:// github .com /miguelalba/my.example/blob/master/deployment.json

My goal is to recreate the jars (including the folders) in the BinTray package at Unfortunately only the jars in the features and plugins folder are properly published. The jars artifacts.jar and content.jar are published into the sub folder auto-upload/1.0/.

I played with the uploadPattern and gave it all the values I could think of. I wonder what I am doing wrong.