Apt-get update fails on builds with Ubuntu images

Jobs running apt-get update are currently failing for my projects.

Here is an example with the Xenial image and another one with the Bionic image.

It looks like there is something wrong with the config or the setup of Bintray’s APT repository (HTTP#403 error when being accessed from Travis CI workers).

(@jhass, @bcardiff)

Ah we forgot about Travis :see_no_evil: Bintray has shut down, see: Announcing new apt and rpm repositories - The Crystal Programming Language

Further reading also at: Bintray will be gone at the end of April · Issue #10626 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub

Also consider this: The Travis CI Blog: ORG Shutdown

I’ll look into updating the Travis integration to use the new repositories.

Johannes actually thought of it, it’s just that nobody from Travis reacted to it in time: Update repository for crystal to OBS by straight-shoota · Pull Request #1987 · travis-ci/travis-build · GitHub

Oh ok, sorry I didn’t see the announcement. I guess the problem will be fix once Johannes’ PR gets merged?

Thank you for the quick answer and for sharing about the travis-ci.org shutdown, I wasn’t aware of it :slight_smile:

Yes once that’s merged and deployed (not sure they’ll still deploy to .org though…) it’ll be fixed.

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