How can i get travis java project jar?

i have a java project ,and when travis run successful (maven clean install),
how can i get the jar???
and then how can I send this jar to Centos 7 server???

Deploy your artifacts to third-party storage service providers, such as S3 and GCS.

I only hava AliYun storage service.
and why i can’t decide for myself how to use the jar??

You can set up your own deployment with the script provider, or write your own with dpl (PRs welcome!).

I have anthor question:
a java project name A , it denpendes B ,and B is dependes A;
A and B is my private project in my github
but when build by travis , travis download A and B from google ,so failure.
how can i tell travis those denpendes in my github ,exclude git submodules method.

@HelloJavaWorld123 Did you found any solution to this?