Travis CI joins the Idera family


Hi everyone!

We’re excited to share the news about Travis CI joining the Idera, Inc family. If you have any questions, we’re more than glad to answer them here. You can read our blog post about this here: Travis CI joins the Idera family.

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You’re writing in the blog that for customers, nothing is going to change, and you’re basically going to continue doing what you’re doing now and stay true to your core values. Which raises the questions:

  • How can you say that with confidence if you’re no longer the one calling the shots? We have plenty of examples of acquired companies that either drastically changed direction or simply stopped evolving altogether.
  • If nothing is going to change, what was the point of acquisition? Does that just mean that e.g. the founder decided to retire and passed the company to someone else?


Since Idera also owns Embarcadero, the current owner of Delphi, will you start supporting Delphi as a language?


Hello, there. Please open a feature request topic over at