Travis CI commenting on Gitlab MR?


we have started to try using Travis-CI on a Gitlab (private) project.

So far, it seems to be working correctly (great job!) but we just have an annoying behavior: each time a TravisCI runs a build on a MR, we have a comment indicating the build status like:

(Travis) Great job! Your build looks valid, you can merge your code!


(Travis) Your build failed. No time to be sad, check, fix and try again!

is there a way to prevent that behavior ?


Have you read this? Seems like an older article/issue but pertains to your problem.

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Hello Montana,

I am not sure to understand how blocking comments and Travis running pipelines for a Gitlab project are related.

As Travis already handles pipeline statuses in Gitlab, blocking comments do not seem to be required for Travis to prevent the Merge Request to be merged : the failing pipeline already handles it.

Moreover, with the email notifications we already receive on failure/success of a pipeline, this comment from Travis only adds noise to our merging process.

From our understanding, the trouble is more on Travis’ side than gitlab’s as it is Travis who creates unneeded comments.