Control comments on pull request failure

I’ve recently enabled Travis-CI for an open source Bitbucket repository. In testing this I have a PR which intentionally fails and I’ve noticed that this leads to a comment being posted to the PR under my user noting that the build has failed. Is there any way to customise/prevent this message? The failure is also reported to the build status area alongside the outcome of other integrations so this additional comment is not required in our use case.

I’ve tried setting notifications to false in .travis.yml but this didn’t prevent the comments (and I didn’t really expect it to).

This example is accessible at

Edit to add: From some more experimentation I see that the comments are related to the status of the merged code whilst the build_status corresponds to the unmerged branch so I can see there is separate value to both - it would be nice to be able to customise/configure some of this.

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