CI passed on Travis but not updating GitHub pull requests

Has anyone seen their pull requests successfully pass in Travis, but GitHub got stuck at pending state?

I’m seeing this weird behavior for all my recent PRs to apache/superset-superset since Friday:

What can I do to fix this?

Hey @ktmud,

Is there anyway I can get a piece of the build log?

Not sure what happened, but the issue seem to have resolved itself.

This is from earlier today:

Here are the build logs:

You can look for the builds under my name Jianchao Yang.

Will take a look, but great news. If you have any other problems please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I seem to have a similiar (but not identical) problem:

Recently, GitHub has stopped showing TravisCI build status on pull requests. The builds still run as I can see in the Travis UI, but they’re no longer visible in Github.

Trying to re-setup the Travis integration, I’ve noticed that I can no longer login to Travis-CI using Github. The auth flow takes me to which then ends with a plain text page saying

Can’t login

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My issue seems to be related me creating two PRs with the same branch, one on my personal fork and another on the upstream repo.

The PR running on my personal fork was successfully notified when the build finishes, but the one on the upstream repo, which I created later gets no notification.

Never mind, the issue still persists even with a fresh PR.

I’m seeing the exact same thing: Status is not reported back to GitHub, but they’re passing when going to the Travis dashboard.


Related build:

Same problem here. I can no longer see PR build status in Github. Contacted Travis Support but didn’t receive an answer (Request #16820).

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Has anyone found a resolution to this? I was recently having issues with PRs submitted from forks (but not for ones submitted from branches). We seemed to resolve that issue, and now the PR builds are triggered and pass in both cases, but that info is never making it back from Travis to GitHub.