Tlmgr: action install returned an error

Hello! I have been trying to use Travis-CI on my package and have been receiving several errors. I originally received a media9 related error, which I fixed by following instructions here, namely by adding the install_texlive.R document suggested in one of the answers. However, this resulted in a new error, which I have yet to solve:

tlmgr: action install returned an error

I followed advise I found on a travis-ci issues page. Namely, I added:

- if [[ "$OSTYPE" != "linux-gnu" ]]; then sudo tlmgr install framed titling; fi

to my .travis.yml file. There was also a suggestion on that page to add:

sudo tlmgr install X

but I was not sure where to add that item (if it is still recommended).

How can I fix this persistent error (tlmgr: action install returned an error) on travis CI? Any advise would be very much appreciated!

That’s a general error message signalling of errors before. So you need to scan the log backwards for any more specific error messages.

The most relevant thing I see is

tlmgr install: package ifluatex not present in repository.
tlmgr install: package ifxetex not present in repository.

Looking up installation instruction for those packages:

Contained in TeX Live as iftex

Contained in TeX Live as iftex

So it looks like you need to replace those dependencies with iftex. If they are specificed in code outside your control, preinstalling iftex may satisfy the dependency checker.

I see further in the log that iftex is actually being installed, so the above error messages may or may not be bogus.

It’s also possible that the title error message is a red herring. The above build seems to actually fail on not finding any .tex files.

Thank you for your response. I unsuccessfully tried adding specific installation for ifluatex and ifxetex here but this resulted in errors related to tlmgr installation.

You suggested that the iftex issue may be bogus. However, I am unclear on your last two sentences about the title error message being a red herring and the above failing because .tex files cannot be found. Is there any steps I should take to allow the system to find the necessary .tex files? Thank you again for sharing advice.

I’m happy to say I think I have it working now. In my .travis.yml file, I:

Removed the line:

- Rscript -e 'tinytex::pdflatex(list.files(pattern = "\\.tex$")[1], bib_engine = "biber")'

Added the line:

- Rscript install_texlive.R

Added latexmk to the following line:

- if [[ "$OSTYPE" != "linux-gnu" ]]; then sudo tlmgr install framed titling latexmk; fi

Thanks again.