Build failure due to "LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `T1/zi4/m/it' undefined" fixed with

I’m using Travis in building an R package.

Not sure why exactly, but it started to run longer than usual and abort in the R CMD check log logs step with a bunch of TeX-related messages, like the above or “Warning: Option `some_TeX_pkg’ has already been used”.

Removing sudo: false from the .travis.yml and adding - sudo apt-get install texinfo below before_install: solved the issue.

According to the Travis+R docu the following might have worked as well:

  - texinfo


  - tlmgr install

Is there any specific benefit of either installing a TeX Live package through apt, or through tlmgr?

I have a different but similar error. In my case it’s the OSX machines that fail:

However, this seems to be a problem with the TexLive repo used by tlmgr not supporting the local TexLive installation, causing packages to be missed in the installation: