Support for Cygwin or WSL?

Thanks a lot for adding Windows support!
Any plan to add Cygwin and/or WSL?
Cygwin seems to slow to install even with a travis_wait 30

Example use case: test ansible in Windows…


Hi @juju

I will look at building a new image with WSL preinstalled. This should be available by Monday.

Thanks a lot Josh! So fast :smiley:

I’ve been hoping to utilise WSL on a Travis-CI build so I can test Ansible roles for Windows. I’ve been able to get WSL installed and running with but unfortunately it takes around 10 minutes to install the Ubuntu 18.04 distro on top of WSL which is probably a bit too long for my liking. Is there a possibility of including a distro by default or even selecting one as part of a build environment so I can save some time here?

Would it be possible to have cygwin be the primary shell instead of Git Bash? Git Bash doesn’t have a package manager to install dependencies like automake. WSL is ok for some uses, but it doesn’t help when trying to build GNU based tools for use with the Windows filesystem.

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I’m familiar with chocolatey but AFAIK, WSL requires a reboot to be fully enabled.
Also, bootstrapping WSL or Cygwin is taking time on your test run. I do bootstrap cygwin+ansible in appveyor currently and lose 10min on each run.

There are also other considerations like mentioned here.

powershell script creating certificates with openssl not working under travis/git-bash but it does in appveyor

For now, I’m waiting on better support of direct powershell to continue my testing of travis/windows

Right, but chocolatey doesn’t have anywhere near a complete selection of GNU libraries when compared to cygwin or msys. The libraries that are available are 8 years out of date.

I wasn’t able to call into cygwin from the git for windows bash due to a mismatch with the cygwin1.dll files. There is a similar problem with msys.