Start xvfb.service by default in ARM64

Hi Team,

I have the same issue in starting xvfb service by default for ARM64 platform whereas it works fine for AMD64 platform. I have resolved it by adding it as services in the arm64 jobs as below:

- xvfb

May I know how can we start xvfb services by default as similar to AMD64 platform?


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Would look at this link I worked on.

Thanks @Montana for the link. As I have mentioned in my previous comment for ARM64 platform xvfb-run command is working if I add xvfb in services in travis.yml file, whereas for AMD64 platform xvfb services are running by default, no need to add services specially in yml file.

So, I want to know whether can we have xvfb services running by default for ARM64 platform as well?

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Is there a problem with adding

  - xvfb
      - xvfb


My test suggests that there isn’t.

ARM64 builds run on less powerful hardware with more limited resources, so it makes sense to not autostart services that are only needed in a minority of cases.

Thanks for the details. I will proceed with “Services” in yml.