Clang version not in sync between amd64 and arm64?

First: it’s awesome to see support for arm64!

clang is defaulting to 7.0.0 on amd64 and 6.0.0 on arm64. I know it’s possible to specify a tool version but it’s useful to have a default, and maybe that should be the same across architectures.

Also on the build status page, where the build job list shows a brief summary of the job’s configuration, would it be possible to add the architecture to that?

Hi @algr great you’re testing the ARM support!

Build status page + job summary - a visual identification of architecture used is on it’s way.

Thanks for the remark on default clang version - adding to arm64 OS images backlog

Hi @algr

The visual identification of cpu architecture in jobs list and job summary is added to Travis CI UI.

Happy building!